X axis in sketchup isnt scaling right

So I’m working on a 3d model in sketchup that I want to 3D print at some stage. I’ve measured the sizes that the object needs to be IRL and made a 2D drawing of this. I imported it in Sketchup and tried to resize it to the appropriate sizes. The problem is that the aspect ratio is way off. Its like the Y(or z?) axis is too long or the X axis is too short. When I use the Sketchup provided measurements the drawing looks squished. Can anyone help me with this?

This is the object and the dotted line is the measurements that Sketchup says is correct

How did you make this 2D drawing that you imported? What file type did you import? If it’s imported correctly there should be no reason to use Scale to get it to be the correct size. Scaling what you show would change the shapes of the radiused corners.

When you do the scaling how are you doing it? What are you entering? A scale factor or dimension? What Scale handle are you using? Are you using a modifier key?

The shape you show is simple enough, you’d probably be time and effort ahead to just draw it in SketchUp to start with.

I drew it on paper with a marker and scanned it to my PC. I basically traced the object that needs to have a 3d print surrounding it.
File type was a .jpg.
Well unscaled its waaay too big. Like 3 times the size according to the Sketchup Measurements

I just used the scale tool to scale the object down to size. Its basically a scale factor I believe. I didn’t input anything like 0.98 in the input field or anything. Just took the tape measure tool and made the dotted lines so I’d have an area that the image needed to fit in.

I don’t know what you mean with scale handle or modifier key. I’m still new to this

How about sharing the .jpg file that you imported? Tell me what the length (x-axis) should be.

Scale handles are the green cubes that are displayed when you activate the Scale tool. Modifier keys:Ctrl, Shift, Alt. With the Scale tool the modifier key you use changes how the tool behaves.

The longest side needs to be 210mm
The shorter side 104mm

Oh okay. I just used one of the scale handles in the corner so it would keep the aspect ratio. Didn’t use any modifiers

Looks to me as if you imag isn’t correct. If the inside of the outline is supposed to be 210mm the other direction is shorter in the image. I see that in an image editor, too, so this isn’t a SketchUp problem.

Normally when I need to adjust the size of an image, though, I use the Tape Measure tool instead of Scale.

Again, it’s such a simple shape, why bother with the image in the first place? Why not just model it directly?

I didn’t model it outright because the corners are slightly different and I’m not sure if I can replicate that. With this imported into Sketchup I could trace the outlines of it

But could this just be because something whilst scanning it to my PC went wrong?

Ill try to model it by hand but somehow the aspect ratio looks off to me. If I compare the properly scaled model to my drawing thats next to me on my desk, the drawing looks more stretched

A rectangle, then 2-point Arc tool to radius the corners. Ready to go 3D.

The marker lines are so thick I wouldn’t expect to be able to make an accurate model from it anyway.

It looks to me as if your scan isn’t correct. If you have a scanner, maybe you can put the thing you traced on the bed and scan it. Might be interesting to see what you get then.

Maybe you need to check your measuring tool.

After you’ve drawn it, tempoarily set the Camera to Prarallel Projection and choose the standard view so you are looking straight at the thing. Create a scene that you can send to LayOut to make a 1:1 view and export a PDF from LO to print.

If you were printing this on paper what size would you use? I’ll just make a PDF for you of the one I drew.

I did scan it to my pc with a Canon MG3255 Printer/Scanner with all the default settings, so it could be that that scans wrong for some reason.
I’ll give that layout method a try tomorrow as its late here.

I can only print to A4, sadly nothing bigger.

Ill check my measurements again with a different tool.

If you have the time to make that pdf for me that would be awesome!

Thanks for your help thus far!

Try printing this with no scaling. I have to go off to Robotics but I’ll check in later.

Swaggles.pdf (6.5 KB)

Yeah it matches with my current tape measure. I think I know where it went wrong. I measured on the outside of the line in my drawing. Thats 203x98mm. But I needed it to be 3.5mm bigger on the long sides and 3 on the short sides so thats why I made it bigger. I think somewhere in that mess I goofed and it all went downhill from here. Its been a long day haha

Thank you for your help!

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