Sketchup Scale Problem when exporting to 3ds Max



Hello Everyone!

Pro user here, for a while, and suddendly one really strange thing happened! I have a file that a client provided and it’s in sketchup. Just cleaned up a bit and when i export it to 3ds max the scale of some components objects get resized! If I go in the different components and select the objects and group them all works great otherwise not.
While right clicking on the object just verified a “reset scale” option, that normally is greyed out.
Does anyone know a quick way to fix this, the provided model has tones of components and exploding all of them isn’t an option!

Thanks a lot!



That is a clue that the components weren’t created at their current sizes. Don’t explode them to fix it, Right click on the component and choose Scale Definition. This will update the definition’s scale to the current size.

It’s unfortunate that the author didn’t deal with it while creating the model but at this point you’ll need to go through the model and scale the definitions.

You might give s4u Scale Definition a try. I think it’ll handle scaling all of the selected components in one go.


Thank you so much! Just tried and most of the issue was fixed but now some of the objects are moved from the correct place!

I’ve been trying to fix this model for ages and all these problems are appearing! Do you know if there is a way to correct also this issue!? They sort of get moved when I import them to 3ds max, but in sketchup they are ok, and it’s the components again!


I guess I’d look at the component origins and move them to suitable positions. This is the sort of thing that causes me to prefer making my own models. It’s often easier than fixing what someone else did. If I receive SketchUp models for a project, I first look it over to see how much is wrong. Then I start from scratch.


Yes DaveR! For sure! Always ending up with the same conclusion. In the end I prefer to model all on my side, but can’t resist to that bit of help… Well, just gonna do it by end! It’s a bit frustrating to look on sketchup and all is great and when I export it all elements get moved!

The other plugin turned up great, though! Thanks for the help!