WX3200 video card wont run sketchup

Dell Precision 3630 - Windows 10 (2009 build) - AMD Radeon Pro WX3200 4GB - Sketchup 2020

Every time I start Sketchup I would get the Hardware Acceleration not supported message. Found a fix using Mesa 3d
Fix for reference: How To Fix SketchUp Hardware Acceleration is Unsupported - The Following Errors Were Found Launching - YouTube
This fix will allow me to get Sketchup to start however it is very unstable. I have installed the most current video card driver (21.Q2)
from here: https://www.amd.com/en/support/professional-graphics/radeon-pro/radeon-pro-wx-x200-series/radeon-pro-wx-3200
This seemed like a workaround for an issue that we need to solve. We have these video cards in at least 10 machines and they all exhibit the issue. The version of Windows 10 varies slightly as some are not fully updated but the issue persists on all. Does anyone know of a permanent solution to this issue? Should we be replacing these cards instead? As a side note when Sketchup crashes it has the view report option greyed out and no specific info in the error message. I have tried sending some of the crash reports with no update. Any help would be hugely appreciated

Edit: I have also disabled the onboard graphics card and rebooted. This appears to have had no effect.

Try older driver version?

To me it seems that at least once a year a driver issue surfaces that stops SketchUp working in computers that have any or a specific model of AMD graphics card.