Wrong displaying of model after importing from Autocad : Solved

Good afternoon,

I’m working on a 3D model imported from Autocad (DWG). After importing it to SketchUp, it happens that the measures of elements change. Some of the beams become huge and some others become just a surface. Also model disappear while orbiting… I’ve tried many different combinations, installed the latest nvidia driver and put it predifined to be used with SketchUp, but I get this…

My version of OpenGl is 4.5. NVIDIA GeForce 820M 2GB DDR3. Windows 7 Ultimate SP1.

My questions would be:

1- ¿Why do I get changes on the dimensions of the components after importing from Autocad?

2-¿Is there any way I can make the model to be seen properly and not disappear while orbiting?

I’d really appreaciate any help. Thank you in advance

SketchUp cannot import certain proprietary ACAD objects.
So a copy of your DWG file needs to be prepared before import to SketchUp.

See: SketchUp User Guide: Importing and Exporting CAD Files

Is Fast Feedback switched on ?
Window > Preferences > OpenGL
(Restart SketchUp after making any OpenGL setting changes.)

Are you using a “Fast Style” ?
Fast styles have a small green clock icon in the lower right corner of their Style manager thumbnail image.

Do you have Textures off ?
View > Face Style

Converting your solid or surface geometry into faces in AutoCad prior to importing the file into SketchUp might help keeping your beams all the same size. It seems that the importer uses some very rough conversion algorithm when processing these NURBS-based objects. What you can also try is to export your AutoCad model into the STL format and use the STL import/export plogin from the SketchUp team to import that.

Check too that your model does not contain things located very far from the Sketchup model origin.


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I would suggest to change the topic title because it doesn’t look like a graphic card issue…

Cannot be sure without access to the model. The artifacts SketchUp displays when the model is really far (hundreds of kilometers) from the model origin can make it look like the actual geometry is distorted. Spheres start looking like potatoes…


It sounds like the issue is probably distance from the origin.

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It was that! I had read about that possibility earlier but I thought it was a matter of autocad, so I moved everything to (0,0,0) in autocad but wasnt working still.

Now I downloaded the Axes Tools, followed the video instructions and everything works as it must. Thank you very much to all, also to Dan and Anssi.

I’m happy to hear that it’s not the graphic system of my computer.

Thank you again.


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It’s too late for a rename now?

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