Wrapping texture around a circle?

Hello folks, I am hoping someone can help me with this? I am trying to wrap around a wood texture on a round table top as well as the apron. I am a little familiar with projecting a texture on a curved surface and thought this would be similar but its proving rather difficult with my current skill level! :slight_smile: When I turn on hidden geometry I tried to apply the wood texture in htese segments but it does not look uniform and or natural? I think I am doing something wrong? :):slight_smile:

I have attached an image of the table. Thank you sooooooo much gang!!


Can you share the SKP file?

Generally for this sort of thing, projecting the texture is not the right option.

Sure! Thanks Dave! Does this work?

JayHALEY round trestle table.skp (1.8 MB)

That works.

With native tools, this way works.

Turn on Hidden Geometry, open the group for editing and apply the texture to one face on the apron’s surface.

Right click on the face, choose Texture>Position. Right click again and select Rotate>90°.

Turn off Hidden Geometry.

You should still have the Paint Bucket tool. Hold Alt to switch to the Eye Dropper tool and sample the rotated texture.

Let go of Alt to return to the Paint Bucket. Click again to apply the texture to the entire outside surface of the apron.

Unfortunately, due to the short length of the material and the fact that it isn’t seamless, the apron will look like it’s made of a bunch of short pieces.

Alternatively, since you scaled the texture on the table top already, you could sample that scaled texture and use it on the apron. It’ll look something like this:

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Thank you Dave! This will work just fine! I was close! :slight_smile: I think it will look good once its in Vray!

Thank you for taking the time to help me!!