Wrapping a texture on a curved tapered surface?


Hello, happy new year to everyone! I am trying to wrap a wood grain texture around a tapered rounded leg. Been fighting with it for awhile and cant seem to make it work? I have attached 2 images that I hope helps explain my issue? I have tried to project the image of a wood grain etc etc but still cannot get the result I want?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :slight_smile:

Thank you!




You might find it useful to turn on hidden geometry before adding the texture. At this stage, turn on hiiden geometry, use the eye dropper in the Materials window to sample the grain going the right way and then the paint bucket to paint the faces that need modification.

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I thought of your leg and have a question for you. Are you going to make it out of one piece like you show? As you show it, there’s a radius at the front where it transitioned to the apron but no radius on the side. I would suggest a different method for making it that would be easier to produce and result in a stronger leg. Instead of using an expensive thick piece like you show, you could make the leg out of two thinner pieces.

If you make the legs narrower, you can reduce the amount of short grain where the aprons join. This will improve the strength of the legs, too.

And if you rip them from the same board, you can make the grain wrap around the outside faces rather than transitioning from one cut to the other.



WOOHOO! Thanks Dave , once again you have solved my issue!!! Worked great and I would never have thought of it!!!

Turning on hidden geometry worked great!

Also, thanks for looking at that leg again! Can you show me how you built that leg and cut it like that? Thats a way better way to build it!!

Thank you for taking the time!!




Do you mean with the rounded corner? I just used the Arc tool. The front and side parts of the leg are instances of the same component with one just flipped and rotated to make the other so the arc only needs to be drawn on one of them.



Thanks Dave! After you did the arc did you just then draw the shape of the leg? Kind of hard to explain what I am asking LOL

Thanks buddy!




Are you referring to the other side of the leg? I drew that part first but since it doesn’t come into play with the radius on the corner so it doesn’t really matter which order the two parts of the leg are modeled.



Okay thanks Dave, will give this a try! Much appreciated!


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