Help with a furniture leg?

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well during this crazy time. Trying to stay busy and I would like to know the best way to start to make a leg similar to the one I have attached. I have been messing around with this idea but I think I am going about it the wrong way?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I like the idea of this type of taper with the rounded edges and then sort of flat in the middle parts of the leg when facing it. I tried creating the leg and then using round corner but did not really look like I wanted?

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you and stay safe!


Looks like a simple square leg that is tapered on the two inside faces and radiused on the vertical edges.

I expect FredoCorner of Fredo Round Corner would be useful for the radiused corners.

A quickie without knowing any dimensions.

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I’m guessing you used the scale tool for the tapers?

Yes. How did you guess? The horizontal edges a little above half way down the leg create the fold lines. Scaled the bottom face from a corner entering x",y" for the desired dimension at the foot.

Well it was either that or the move tool.

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Thought maybe you’d seen a recent tutorial I did showing exactly how to add the taper. :wink:

I must have missed that one, was that at FWW? Or somewhere else?

Yeah. FWW.

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This is one method of many possible, using scale tool as Dave and C J Ryan are talking about. I moved the edges of the top surface down to create a position to fold around. I used solid inspector to clean up before subtracting with solid tools the top angle.

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Thank you soooo much guys! will give this a try!! :slight_smile:

Dave, do you have a link to your tutorial?

Thank you!


On my phone at the moment. Go to and find the Design.Click.Build blog.

Thanks Dave! Always forget about these great tutorials!!


Thanks again for all your help!! I have just attached a screen shot of the leg I just made and wanted to know the best way to do a slight round over on the top? I tried to select the top edges and use Fredo round over but it would not work for me? Any other suggestions?

Thanks guys!!


Make a copy of the component and scale that copy up by a factor of 1000. Then you should be able to put on the radius. I think I would radius the entire top perimeter with a small radius and maybe use only 4 or 6 sides for the rounding. It’d be so small it won’t show that much. Once you’ve completed it on the large copy, exit the edit mode and delete that one. Zoom Extents should return you to the original.

Thanks Dave! Will try that!!


Hi Guys, still playing around with a leg idea. I have attached a new leg I am working on and I want to do a maybe 1/8" round over on everything. I built the leg starting from a 1 7/8" block and just shaped it the way I wanted. I then tried to use round over everywhere but it did not seem to be the best way? should I have done something else or a little diff in the steps I did the leg?

Thanks alot!!

p.s Dave, I tried to find the blog in fine word workers to where you posted the how to on a taper leg. There were I think 59 posts in there and may have missed it? Will that post help me here if I try to find it again?

Thank you guys!!


I’d radius the edges on that leg with Round Corner or FredoCorner.

The blog post showing tapering the leg is the current first post.

Thanks Dave!!