Round Tapered Leg Question? HELP!

Hello folks, I am working on a round tapered leg and I don’t know how to achieve this nice rounded look on the top of
the squared portion of a leg? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much!!

The way I will do it is 2 pieces in solide component 1 square and half of ball and extract de half ball. That give you the half
part and make a copie for the other part under


Here’s an old video I did that shows a slight variation on Aaron’s method.

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Thank you guys, such a nice trick

Thank you guys! But, for the life of me when I try to follow Aarons trick it just does not work for me :frowning: Not sure what I am doing wrong? Aaron do you have a voice over for your video, that may help? Dave, thank you as well, but this seems to be a hard one to get??


I don’t think so - his animation is an animated GIF. As far as I know, they don’t normally capture sound, though I see there is a special case - search with google for ‘animated gif with sound’.

What isn’t working for you? if you upload your leg, we can see where it falls apart for you.

Hi Dave, I have watched your video a few times and I want to try working
with that one for abut, before I bother you again! Thanks again for helping


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Dave your video it,s very nice I even lean 2 or 3 nice tricks there

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