Creating a turned leg question?

Hello folks. I am trying to create a nice turned leg and i know how to use the follow me tool to create the leg, but I cannot seem to figure out how to create the sort of arched look at the top and bottom of the square portion of a leg? I hope this makes sense?

I have attached a pic of what I am trying to explain? Sorry for any confusion!! :):slight_smile:

Thank you!!


I’ve done a tutorial on how to draw the pommel transition. I’m away from my computer now but I’ll see if I can find and share the link

Here’s one

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Perfect!! Dave to the rescue once again!!! Thank you sir!!!


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Hi Dave, so I was trying your way and watched your video many times which was GREAT btw! And, I still cannot seem to get it?

I am attaching a pic of what I am doing, as this is just practicing the turned portion of the leg is not what I want but I need to start to practice with something LOL

Can i do the transition just on the square parts, top of the bottom square and the bottom of the square on the top portion? I hope this makes sense?

Again, thank you for your help and I hate to bug all you guys all the time!!


Yes. You can make the transition on both need to extend the curve at each end of the turned portion. Beyond the corner of the square pommel and then intersect the two.

I can make an example when I get home.

Sort of like this. I drew an outward flared arc like @Dave described, intersected it with the squared part, and then erased the extra. (you may notice a few glitches in the pommel after I erase the cutter part - they are from SketchUp’s small edge tolerance. I should have scaled up larger before doing the intersection. In this case they are pretty easy to fix manually, but could have been much worse).



Thankß, @slbaumgartner. I either delete the face on the top of the turned section or I make sure it is not selected when I run Intersect Faces>With selection.

Thank you! Is there anyway you can show your video from the start? Basically how you drew your flared arc would really help :slight_smile:

Thank you again for taking the time to help me!!


Man, I am still playing with this lol! Dave, are you saying that I can achieve what I want in the actual profile stage before I do any turning at all?

Man, I feel so dumb with this as I can’t quite get there? :):slight_smile:

Thanks guys!


Jay, why don’t you wait until I get home from my trip and we will do a one-on-one session and I’ll show you? It’ll all make sense.

Man that would be awesome!!! I have been working on this all day with my nephew and we can kind of get it but it seems like there could be a better way?? LOL


Thanks Dave!!


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