Working very slow, a lot of errors, no saving

I have a 210 MB project, quite simple, some walls of about 40 meters by 2.5 meters high with inserted images, being a product showroom. I’ve been working in the SU for this exposure system every year since 2015. But for about 2 weeks now it’s actually a pain to work - I haven’t advanced at all, a 10 minute thing takes even hours - recurring problems are: I can’t insert images, it blocks and does not save; I cannot change the color of the walls, it blocks and does not save; I cannot change the view, it blocks and does not save. I checked with my office IT team if there is a problem with the graphic card - it looks fine, has resources, it is upgraded - I changed the browser - but nothing, it still works awful.
I have an annual shop subscription, not that it matters …
I thought I’d ask maybe it’s another source of my problem and I can go back to the fluidity and fluency of working in the SU before.

Many many thanks!

210 MB isn’t small. Are you purging unused things from your model? Are you using large image files?

Ok, so it is big. Since you told me it’s been purging…still does…
The images are 1 - max 1.4 MB - and there are 25 such images plus 4 warehouse images (2 sets 1 table+4 chairs; 1 plant; 1 touchscreen stand).

Now, after purging I still have 191 MB.

In SketchUp Shop as your profile indicates?

Yes, SketchUp Shop

It should be no surprise that it is slow then. Saving to the cloud is slow.

Did you purge unused materials?

You could reduce the size of some if not all of the images. They are likely higher res than SketchUp will display.

I did purged, reduced from 210 to 191 MB

Yes. I saw that.

Any other suggestions, ideas? I cannot even rotate some degrees without receiving an error message “this page isn’t responding//wait or exit page”

Switch to SketchUp Pro so you aren’t relying on a web browser and your internet connection to keep up with your huge file.

I don’t think you have purged fully, have you purged both Components and then Materials?

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Yes, it is possible!
As I clicked on that purge symbol for Components, it does not want to save - I receive continuous error messages.

Just now I was able to save again the file… with all purges I can find: components, materials, tags.
There are still 191 MB left

By any chance, have you downloaded many components from the 3D Warehouse to fill up the showroom? Are they complex things such as faucets or lighting fixtures or chairs with 100000 edges and faces each? A lot of those will make for a large SKP file and long time to save and reload.

You could upload it to dropbox or similar and put a link here and someone will look at it for you.
I won’t download a file that big as I have limited internet, but others will.

Here is the file - has 181 MB as I deleted some extra items.
Thank you for your help!

181 MB

So I switched on SU Pro as I need to get moving on with the project.
Purged now, it has 40MB and running ok.
Thank you & Bye!