Having issues saving sketchup shop model

Currently, I’m using SketchUp shop, however, I have been having issues saving my model i’m working on. Everything was fine until a few weeks ago where every time I saved or autosaved the model a sign saying “failed to save file” popped up. I tried copying the file and moving it to a different folder, but this still didn’t work. I’m using SketchUp shop 2021 and on MacBook air macOS, and I’m saving the file on the SketchUp web. I would really appreciate any sort of help and also let me know if any more details are needed.

Can you download the file to your computer? Does that work?

When is the last time you purged unused components, materials, and styles. Maybe you need to do that and get rid of file bloat.

Can you open a new file in another browser tab, create a simple model and successfully save it?

Hi Dave,
thank you for the response! I have tried saving the file to my computer but that does not work, however, I haven’t purged unused components, etc, so I will try this and see if it will work then. I have also tried opening a new file in another browser tab and creating a simple model, and I was able to save it, so maybe my current model is too large. It is around 256 MB.

Let us know what you find.

So I just purged all of the unused items and this helped solve the issue. The model is now saving, however, there are still some issues with the rendering, therefore do you have any suggestions on how to improve it? Thank you

Hard to say without seeing it. What exactly are these rendering issues?

How large is the file now that you’ve purged it? Maybe you could share the file so we can see what you are looking at.

The file is now 199 MB, and the rendering is just a bit slow.

That would mostly be a function of your computer’s graphics card not being able to keep up. You could choose a style that displays faces in monochrome (default front/back face color) and give your graphics card an easier time of it.

Okay, thank you so much for the help, really appreciate it !

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Also turn off profiles and shadows if they are on. Those also pose a heavy load because their locations must be constantly computed and updated.

I am also having issues saving in Sketchup Shop. I have downloaded the model someone else made, I open it in SShop and work on it, It will not save. it will not download. I have deleted the whole house and left only a small office and bookshelves Im working on and it will not save. It was 268MB, I also cannot open a file that is 149MB, says it is too large. Strange. Please Help.

Go to the In Model components and click on Purge Unused. Then go to Materials and do the same.