Im desperate sketchup is not responding every 10 minutes


im having this problem since last february, i noticed sketchup was working really slow on a model i was already working and before february it was fine. Next issue i noticed was sketchup takes up to 10 minutes to save a file (i had to set the autosave every 40 minutes otherwise was impossible to work). im using several models from the 3d warehouse like i have always done, but since febraury the program keeps crashing down if im adding too many of them (plants objects).

i read some updates from windows could be the problem but since im using windows 10 some of the updates cant be erased. on the 16th of february i had an update (kb4087256)

my graphic card is a nvidia 1060, which is already update and works perfectly fine with other programs.

my pc keeps working perfectly and running other programs while sketchup is not responding.

Dont know what can i do to solve this problem.



The only response I can come up with here is “Don’t do that, then”. Image-based plant components look better than full 3D ones and tax your computer far less.


even without them after keep developing the model im having the same problem even with the most simple shapes


Have you made sure that the Nvidia card is being used by SketchUp and not the integrated Intel Graphics chip?


yes im running it on the nvidia card, but the problem persist


Well, I disagree on that.

But agree on this one.

The solution for me, is using proxies. I bet you’re using those 3D plants for rendering purposes. If you are, then you should consider using proxies with your renderer.

Proxies are placeholder components for your full plants. They have simple geometry but are replaced on render time by objects with any geometry and photorealistic materials as long as your renderer supports them.


thanks i will take it on count but still when im saving a file takes too much time


Where are you saving your files to?


to my files on C drive


That’s what happens when you have too much geometry or, even worse, if your sketchup materials have very large textures.

Even if you might work fast, saving lots of data takes time. Warehouse stuff is usually less than optimized…


i just re installed sketchup for the third time but this time i downloaded again the file from the sketchup website (last time i did it, i installed it from the files i keep in my pc), and now is working fine again, even with models with many components it save the models up to 6 seconds and is not freezing anymore.


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