Working on my Sketchup Project and everything disappeared. All stats still there and tags

I am trying to figure out where my whole project went. After adding a chair from 3D warehouse, Everything is gone. All my stats and tags are still there but its blank.

What does the Outliner show ?

It could be that the model from 3DW was geolocated a distant location from the origin of your model.

This is a lesson.

  • Always save a backup before inserting unknown models from the 3DW.
  • Try to download 3DW models to a new empty model so you can examine them before using them in a project. You can also then save them out to a local collection for later use.

How do I check Outliner?

open the outliner tab. you can also try to zoom extents and see if it zooms way out.

zoom extend goes to one area but still nothing shows.

gr16.skp (760.7 KB)

You have a group called Untitled that is HUGE. Open Outliner, select and detete it then hit Zoom Extents.

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your model is a couple of hundred feet from the origin and that can cause issues viewing the model. I deleted the bar stool from the outliner and the image came right back. Down load teh bar stool to a new file and check it out before you insert it into your madel.
gr16-copy.skp (795.4 KB)

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gr16-copy.skp (795.4 KB)

I also see a bunch of components with weird names like
"=_UTF-8_Q_=E6=97=A0=E6=A0=87=E9=A2=98=2Eskp_=_; filename_=UTF-8''%E6%97%A0%E6%A0%87%E9%A2%98"

I uploaded this from a Revit file I was using. I deleted all the other walls i wasn’t using. Maybe that could be the weird components? I am new to SketchUp as I’m a student. Thanks everyone for the help.

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The problem isn’t with the oddly named components. They are the tables inside the building. They are no doubt way over-detailed for their purpose, but otherwise ok. The issue is with the bar chair in the component named Untitled. Its contents are placed very far from its origin, and this is messing up handling of the model. Give me a few and I’ll see if I can restore them to sanity…

Edit: here’s a revision of that component with the huge offset fixed. Note that it is likely still scaled wrong, as it is somewhat large. I didn’t adjust that because I don’t know how big it was meant to be.

bar_chair.skp (152.7 KB)

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