Working at Home and compliance

The Corona lockdown (working at home) may have some impact on how SketchUp is being licensed.
Employees might have forgotten to ‘remove the license’ from the office machine and are running out of activations when they try to activate on their home device.

Start a trial first, before contacting support. If some manager still needs to be on the office, let them remove the license or work through remote control.

Subscription user can easily deauthorize through their AMP ( )

Other Trimble Products:

Tekla users are more likely inflicted since Tekla uses ITCA to manage piracy of their software, even opening an existing project with a ‘comprimised’ version of Tekla will damage the whole project.

On a side note, since everybody is working from home, the network capacity is running out. Multiple issues related to bad connections etc.

The first that is appearing is that the number of VPN connections allowed in an employer’s network is often very limited.