Work-Windows in SU 2016

until now I was happy with the behavior of the menu-windows in SU 15 as they were able to almost vanish by toggling off. Now in SU 16 the windows remain even when toggled off as a obstructing emty frame. I cannot be friend with placing them as register tags on either side, because too often unintentioned sliding on and off the screen is not really helpful. besides it takes one more step than necessary to select one of the functions in the menu-windows. On my everyday workspace the necessary menus cover quite a big space on the screen. Even with a 30" screen, space is always too precious. If I want to clear the space I will have to kill the menue-windows and reengage them by going through many steps via the main window menue again. This is in my opion a real downgrade and very annoying.

here a dump from SU 16 with ‘collapsed’ windows

here a dump from SU 15 with almost cleared screen when menues are collapsed


Anybody any suggestions?

You may not be aware that you can easily collapse the Default Tray by clicking the button to unpin the tray. This allows the tray (along with all the included elements) to telescope into the the workspace when hovered above and to automatically hide when the cursor moves away.

If you want to keep the Default Tray in a visible state all the time, just click the pin icon to fix into the permanently open position.


yes, I am aware of this feature. It just bothers me, that the window of the tray obscures the side of the screen from top to bottom, even if the the menus themself are collapsed. I usually work with a large number of layers. For that reason I need the seperate menue on the left. Now two of those large menues obscure quite a big portion of the srceen if they stay resident. I rather leave Element-Info all the time open since I rely on that information alot. That will now evidently cause the whole portion of the screen to be obscured unless I let it slide of !. In 2015 I didnt have that problem.
I think the window should only extend to the size of the menues. Am I asking too much?

Well, you could just click the X on the Default Tray panel title bar to remove it and access the tray thru the Window command in the main menu only when it is needed. This will certainly free up some of your screen real estate. Seems to me like this is more a case of fixating on a problem where one does not materially exist, because the issue is so easily addressed. Just my considered opinion however.

I agree with @MichaelNeyses on this, on many screen sizes the trays are simply annoying and of no benefit.