Menu text is too small in SU Pro 2023

The Menu text is so tiny in 2023 it’s ridiculous. Is there a way to make it bigger? I hope?
Can you see the Outliner, Tags and Material menus on the right? It’s actually smaller than that on my laptop. Thanks for any help.


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I agree, The tray names are too small. They should be the same as the normal menu entries.

I have a Laptop with a 16" screen and a resolution of 3840x2400.
As a work around I set the scaling in Windows 11 to 300% when working with SketchUp.

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I’ll try that. Thank you.

SketchUp only a max scaling of 150%. Use at your own risk.

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That was the old UI, I’m not sure if that stilll stands (large tool set says it does)

Using a resolution of 3840x1200 @ 300% is the same as using 1920x1200 @150%. This is just 25% above the normal scaling of a 16" screen at 1920x1200.

All works.

It’s a numbers game. What size monitor are you using, 16"?

Yes, I have a Laptop with a 16" screen and a resolution of 3840x2400 with Win 11

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I have a 17" screen on my laptop.

I didn’t know about this. How is this done? I haven’t downloaded 2023 yet and would like to try while the function works properly. Thank you!

Can you stop spamming the forum with this same issue over and over please?
You’ve made this same post at least 4 times now.