Menu/text scaling on HD/Quad/Ultra Resolution Displays

I can’t be the only one using Sketchup on a HD/Quad/Ultra dispplay (in my case my laptop’s native resolution is 3200x1800, my desktop uses something similar on 2 roughly 21" displays), yet it does not appear to accept window’s text scaling and I can’t seem to find a way to scale things inside sketchup (menus and other program text, not content). Anyone know how to fix this kind of thing so I can see it? In some cases you can drag the window larger and it kind of works, in others you just appear to be stuck with this kind of jumble:

I think Sketchup only handles Windows scaling up to 150%. Beyond that, it goes awry.

See what yours is set to in (I think) Display properties.

I can’t use SU 2017 on Windows 7 or 10 on a high res screen, as I haven’t got a machine with a capable graphics card, so I use it on Mac, or on a low res Windows 10 laptop which has just-recent-enough Intel graphics to work at all.

Which version of SketchUp are you using? What version of Internet Explorer is installed?

Only the latest version has somewhat usable dpi-support (but still some overlapping icons in inspectors). This question is important, because your screenshot shows a “webdialog” of a plugin. Webdialogs use the system’s html engine for rendering, and before improving dpi-support they used to display pixel-sized content too small and font-sized content at somewhat correct size. In SketchUp 2017, webdialogs are set to zoom by the scale factor (that means if an item’s size is set in pixels, it does not enforce to be displayed at exactly that number of device pixels). In your example it seems scaling happens twice.

for zooming in browser-based dialogs (HTML) you can always use “CTRL+MouseWheel”.

Sketchup 2017 and it’s running in windows 10 with whatever the latest version of Edge is.

It is definitly the worst in web dialogs, here is the worst that I’ve found so far:

but it’s a problem in the rest of SU also, things like the tabs partially disappear, contents in the tabs to also, and things like the box on in the lower RH side of the screen where your measurements/you type measurements are partially obstructed and sometimes difficult to read.


You’re saying that it looks like the scaling is happening twice, is there any way of preventing that?

That does work but it doesn’t fix the formatting/make it more readable. For example the dialog above can be turned into:


not really much more readable either way.

So is there any workaround for this?

Is trimble making any attempt at fixing it?

From the mentioned info, it is not a reproducible issue (I’m not Trimble employee, but reproducibility is necessary for fixing things). Scaling works correctly in SketchUp 2017+ on Windows 10 in HtmlDialog (with embedded browser) and even in the old WebDialog (with up-to-date Internet Explorer, and standard doctype).

I guess…

  • a) that this plugin uses a WebDialog
  • b) that it has an awkward document type (doctype) and Internet Explorer is known to do crazy things with non-standard doctypes.

You should contact the plugin author and either a) urge to update it to HtmlDialog and all issues will be gone, or b) find a developer who debugs this specific plugin on this specific platform/environment.

the plugins you show use SKUI which is used by many authors for webdialogs and could affect many plugins…

@jim_foltz is the original author of both shown and may shed some light…

SKUI is hosted on github by @tt_su and you could check there if it’s a known issue…

to me it looks like setting line height using em’s may be affecting font height…


1- in what way is this not reproducible? I have to computers using two different high res displays doing the same thing every time. I see this every time I use it. What “From the mentioned info,” even gives you that idea?
2- I posted a screenshot of the tabs on the RH side of the screen, NOT PART OF A PLUGIN, that are also messed up. For that matter almost everything in the “Default tray” is messed up and hard to use because words are cut in half, scaling is way off…
3- EVERY plugin that generates a dialog or a menu (like freido’s round corner) is messed up in some way as well as a lot of the built in SU stuff. I’m not sure trying to tell them all their stuff is messed up is useful or even possible even if it was their fault which I highly doubt that it is.

Am I really the only one that is trying to use SU on a higher res display than about 1080p? I would expect this to be an issue with just about anyone that has a machine set up to do any serious graphics work and a lot that aren’t.

Yea, I think SKUI got some issues with High DPI monitors. It needs some adjustments to avoid this excessive scaling.

:star_struck: SU2018? :star_struck:

pretty please SketchUp / Trimble, I have a new laptop with a 4K monitor arriving soon…

on 10" :eyes:

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