Menus on high resolution screen


I am running Sketchup Pro on a Microsoft Surface Studio, which has a high resolution screen. With the menu text large enough to read, it sometimes will not fit in the box allowed for the items on the menu and in some cases there is no scroll bar to get to the bottom of the list of options. For example, I am trying to set the angle for sun shadows and I can find no way to get to that in the menu box allowed.
Anyone have any ideas? Am I missing something obvious?


SketchUp Pro 2018 supports high resolution screens (older versions do not or not completely). If I understand right your problem is that the SketchUp user interface displays too big so that menus reach the height of the display or you even have to scroll them.

Usually the resolution of high-dpi displays is chosen so that they work well with a scaling factor of 2×. If you have increased the scaling factor further to achieve a larger text size that you find most comfortable for yourself, it may be that such problems occur (like if one used SketchUp on a 640×480 display from 1990). You could right-click the application icon and go to → Properties → Compatibility and change the application-specific DPI settings. Ideally your version of Windows lets you choose to “Override high DPI scaling behavior”. If that is not available, you could also reduce the global scale factor in your operating system’s settings.

Alternatively it could also be a bug, for example as it occurs in so called “web dialogs” ( extensions) with some configurations of Windows & Internet Explorer. A screenshot would help to diagnose that.


Thanks for your suggestions. I have found that I can work around the problem for the most part by going back and changing the screen text scale to very small to read “lost” items in the menu, then change it back when I don’t need to find the items outside the box when I am working at a more comfortable text scale. It is not a solution, but a work-around. When these very nice ultra-high resolution screens become more common, I am sure the operating systems and the software will be more accommodating.


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