Work keeps disappearing from model, left to right select not working, faces don't form

I’m not real savvy about sketchup, am taking an intermediate sketchup class currently, and cannot keep up with the class work because things keep disappearing from my models. I work for hours on a house model, group everything, make components as appropriate, cut and paste in place, save the file and a backup copy, and when I reopen the files things are missing from the model, like windows, railings, walls, etc. The left to right select box does not select, only the right to left select. The link between components disappears, so the second instance of the component does not update along with the first when I have the component box engaged. Faces that should form don’t, despite microscopic inspection to try to find where planes might not be correctly aligned.

I’m using a new HP Envy laptop, with an Nvidia graphics card, and have the sketchup program set to use the Nvidia card. (Earlier problems revolved around the computer defaulting to a low-memory intel card. Got that fixed.) No, I haven’t engaged the 2019 update yet, because I’ve been having so many problems with the 2018 version I didn’t want to add adaptation to an unfamiliar system to the mix.

I cannot keep redoing the same work over and over. What am I doing wrong? I figure it must be pilot error because I’ve had similar difficulties with previous versions.

Please help.

Can you attach one of your models for us to look at.
Less than 3mb attach here, larger use 3d warehouse, or dropbox etc and put a link here.

How about telling us which version of Sketchup you are using web or desktop based.

I guess I’d have to use dropbox, though I’ve never put anything into it before, just reviewed items sent via it.

Any hints on how to do that? File is probably more than 3 mb. I did switch the Nvidia control panel from global to dedicated sketchup, not that it made a great deal of difference. Still, I’m hoping it will help.

Design via SU is a new thing for me. I’ve developed hand tremors that make drafting hellish, and need an alternative medium for visual presentation. I want to love SU, but fear it doesn’t love me.

Thanks for your willingness to help!

Patricia Redifer

Hmm. Haven’t a clue. I’m using 2018 Pro, that I downloaded from the trimble website. Does that help? It will work without internet connectivity, but always gives me a warning about it. Wish I could answer your question better, but when it comes to programs more exotic than word processing, excel and powerpoint, I’m at sea.

Thanks for your willingness to help.

Try to find a small model (under 3MB) that you can upload here that has a least one or 2 issues.

Yes it does!