Wooden deck - live components

I created a live component to design wooden decks.

  • You can enter from 3 to 12 coordinates of the corners of the terrace.
  • You can adjust the angle of the decking boards from -90° to +90°
  • You can add a decking frame board
  • You can define the profile dimensions of the decking boards and their spacing.
  • Randomization of UVs for a more natural rendering.


I would like help fixing some bugs for some values:

  • This graph produces errors in the case of obtuse re-entrant angles, the extrusion is not correct for the blade of the frame. I must have an error at the offset level

Is there any other way to set the U vector of the UVs than to rotate before creating the mesh, then one second in reverse after setting the projection?

If you see other improvements, I’m interested, before attacking the floor of the beams.
Thank you for your feedback

Graph link: https://creator.trimble.com/graph?assetURI=whp:32a81989-ebed-4881-b41b-3c188a8d03c3
3dWareHouse link:


Wow, I LOVE the use of the ephemeral node to show a limited set of boards while adjusting the parameters!

I upgrade the wooden deck :
See in action https://www.simjoubert.com/biblio3D/gif/chrome_lRGsvkyJft.gif

You can choose a preset shape (Rectangle, Circle, Custom)

  • Rectangle (Length, width)
  • Circle (Radius, Number of segments, Rotation)
  • Custom (define 3 to 12 corner points)

Define the dimensions of the board profile (width, thicknesses).
The space between the boards.
The rotation of the boards.
Check if you want boards frame.
I added an integer parameter to correct frame list point offset

Adjust the material property
UV’s factor, material, color
I correct The UV’s to respect the wood grain.
The wood material is random between ten material textures, plus a random flip of the UVs

I added strings as parameter separators with some formatting, for more readability. Formatting by adding HTML styles to the node title.

Thanks for your feedback

Graph link : https://creator.trimble.com/graph?assetURI=whp:9f848c68-a9f3-4f82-bbaf-43318dbfd0b0

3DWareHouse link :


Oh my goodness, this is fantastic! I’m not entirely sure how to react. On the one hand, we should probably prevent HTML styles, on the other it is ingenious.

Hello Keith

Thank you for the compliments !
I am aware and happy to raise this flaw!

But it also seems important to me to add a little formatting for more clarity in the parameters dialog box.

  • There could be a choice of style as input to a parameter node.
  • It would also be good to add a spacer parameter node with a choice of formatting style and with the possibility of adding a comment to guide the end user.

Adding these node options and this new “spacer” node would address a real need for formatting and code security!

What do you think ?

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Hah, I like the proposals.

  • Styling of inputs IS something that we are going to review. Your last solution has triggered some discussion on the matter as the HTML styles works well but is perhaps… too powerful for users.
  • The spacer aspect is something that we are actively working on and we hope to have something ready soon in this regard.

A nice way of saying it could be misused.


Justin made a video of the live component.

The idea of having a node that retrieves the active selection would be great.
From this node, we could, as needed, extract points, curves, faces, material, etc. To feed the graph.

For this terrace component, we would select a surface and an edge. The outer loop of the face would provide the contour vertices and the edge, the orientation angle of the deck boards.

The node would output multiple lists,
points, faces, materials, primitives.

As input, a boolean to update and a default input.

What do you say ? It would be great !?