Wood panelling to a house, is there a plugin or tool?


How would you go about in adding a specific type of wood panel to the exterior of a house? I have made a very accurate model of the profile of the panel.

It is trivial to push a couple out and move them so that they form a wall section. However, what is not trivial is how to cover the exterior of the house with it and cut holes for the windows? Is there some elegant, and fast, way of doing it?

Pontti.skp (110.1 KB)


Cover the walls should just be a matter of making arrays with Move/Copy. Assuming you made the boards as solid groups/components, cutting the holes should be a simple matter with the Solid Tools (or Eneroth Solid Tools, or Bool Tools2. You’d just draw boxes where the opening are and use them to trim the boards.

One question, though, do you really need to model the siding as individual boards? What is the advantage to that for your application? Maybe you would do better to have a texture applied to flat faces instead.


It’s going to be a huge file when you are done. But, another option would be to create a wall assembly in Profile Builder or another wall app as well.

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Thanks for the replies. Perhaps there is an obvious answer, but given the following structure, how would one easily cut a hole in it? Note that the resulting wall is not solid.

Pontti2.skp (142.2 KB)


Vali Architects has a cladding extension.


@DaveR, I think I will go with your suggestions, and do it manually. The advantage is the added level of detail for windows etc. Any suggestions of how to use solid tools to cut holes for the windows, the problem is that the planks are solid, but the group is not? Hence, how to use solid tools for a group of solid components?


Draw boxes that represent the window openings and make them solid groups or components.

Use Trim from the Solid Tools or Eneroth Solid Tools.


@DaveR, would you be so kind to explain how to make the wood paneling wall solid?


Well, I didn’t make a nested group of your boards. I just copied them to make an array but left them as individual groups. You could do the same thing or you could open the parent group for editing and create the box inside. Then make the box a group.


@DaveR, did you manage to trim more than one board at the time? The reason why I ask is that to my understanding the trim tool accepts two solid objects at the time.


I think DaveR is using trim option from Eneroth’s extension.

You can select several groups, then clic on trim option, then another group/component you want to use as cutter.