Cutting openings in SU



Does anyone know a good way to do this?

I have created a drawing of a building with sandwich construction (render, insulation, studs, internal cladding, etc.). I have made each element a separate group or component. Now I want to cut openings for windows and doors. I do that by creating a temporary “cutting box” (ie an arbitrary six sided group with two of the dimensions corresponding to the hole size). Then I use Solid Tools Trim to cut each element.

This works fine for elements that extend beyond the box but things like studs are often hidden within the structure. Of course, I could hide elements that conceal the studs before the operation. But is there a way of doing it more simply using X-Ray view (as attached)?

My second question relates to efficiency. It would be nice to be able to select the cutting object and then all of the objects to be cut but I find I have to go through the process one by one. I know you can get round this if you group items together but that would mean losing the natural grouping of each element. I wonder if I have just not found the fast way to do what I want?



@Box Yup, that looks like just what I need. Many thanks. i will go check it out now.


Along similar lines, is there a plugin that allows you to push/pull faces across selected groups/components? That would save a lot of time too.


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