Cut opening through groups

Can I cut a hole through multiple objects or groups ?

Is there any free plugin for such effect?

Check out Visuhole.


Not free but VisuHole is a very reasonable 12 bucks, or 40 if you go the bundle of 8 plugins.

Oh Snap.


Your profile says you are using SketchUp Pro. You could use Trim from the native Solid Tools. It’s already there and it’s free.

it says, not solid

What are the groups? Why aren’t they solid?

Cause there are layers, elements (groups) within walls, wich i don’t want to explode them or make them one, solid

I’m trying this VisuHole

You didn’t present any of that information in your question. You asked for something free. I just offered that as a free option.

I bet your model could be structured better and in a way that would allow you to use the Solid Tools but VisuHole should do what you want.

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Your right, i just used VisuHole, it’s working good, just that i have to turn components into groups, it does not work on components

It does work on components but it makes the component it modifies unique in the process.

No, i mean components inside components, i was working on some sandwich panels and every layer inside was a component and i had to turn them into groups



Oh well. I guess you’ve got your hole cut by now.

Yes, check it if they are still components, my components did not work, I don’t know

Any way thanks for the videos

They are still all components.

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hi dave, which plugin has this icons? I never saw like this icons :slight_smile:

That’s SU2KT, the extension for Kerkythea.

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