Cutting hole in grouped wall

Hello everyone
I know this topic has been discussed at some length, so I’m sorry if it’s repetitive. Let’s say I create a 6" wall and group it; then I draw a rectangle for an opening. When I open/edit the group, the rectangle is greyed out. I know I can draw a rectangle or circle or whatever on an open grouped object and that will work fine. However, is there a way to cut a hole if I open the group where I’ve already drawn the geometry on that grouped object?

Thanks in advance to everyone.

The short answer is no. If you have a version that supports extensions, then one can use solid tools.

Thank you RLGL. I’ll start getting some sleep now. :upside_down_face: Have a good weekend.

The slightly less short answer is you can’t use geometry from outside the current context to cut the hole but it is fairly quick to bring that geometry into the context with copy/cut and paste in place. Select and copy (or cut) the rectangle to the clipboard, open the wall for editing, paste in place.


I agree with you, @endlessfix. The right click, scissors icon for cutting and the right click paste in place are my friends.

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A slightly less less short answer would be that if the external geometry actually passes through the face you can use intersect faces with model in the correct context to place the geometry within the group.
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You have your opening outside of the group… You can move it into the group within Outliner by making it a group, select it in Outliner and drag it directly below the listing for the group.
Cut the box (opening) with CtrlX, dbl click on the group to edit it, lastly go to the EDIT MENU and select PASTE IN PLACE to move your opening into the group. Now do your push pull within the group.

Thank you all for your help everyone. I’ll try these methods later today.