Making a hole in a wall after making a group doesn't work?


I’m very new at sketchup, but I was wondering about something that i can’t seem to get right.

If i make a square, raise it up and then do a new square in one on the walls, I can delete the selection and I get my self a hole.

BUT! If i make a square, raise ut up and the do a new square in one of the walls AFTER making one of the walls a group, I can’t do it?

How do i resolve this?

I am also finding that, making a new layer, marking and a object and making it into a group, is the only way to get that object to the layer? Is this the correct way?

You need to edit the group in order to put the hole in the geometry. You can right click on the group and choose Edit Group or you can double click on the group with the Select tool. Then you have access to the geometry to make the hole. It’s like opening a container so you can get at what’s inside.

Layers do not separate entities. They are for controlling visibility. Always keep Layer 0 active. If you want to use layers, create them and assign groups or components to them while the edges and faces inside the groups/components remain on Layer 0.

Layers only have the purpose of controling what should be visible. they don’t separate geometry in the same context (basic or in a (nested) group environment).
If you are new to SketchUp try leaving out using different layers till you get the basics of how geometry sticks together and how to separate geometry from other geometry by using groups and components, not layers.

Thank you DaveR! I got a hold on how to do the hole now, thank you very much!

So, let’s say that I have four walls, and I want to put each of these four walls in a separate layer, in order to hide one at the time. I’m i doing the right thing when making a layer, making sure i’m in the right layer, marking one of my walls and making it into a group?

Make the walls groups first. Make the layers in the Layers window. Then select a wall group and assign it to a layer in the Entity Info window.

You group your walls separately and only assign different layers to these separate groups. Never assign layers to basic geometry. Leave that “on” Layer0.

Oops, double posting should take care of the “Layering” issue.

Ok, I think I got it. So I will be fine by putting each of my four walls into four different layers? I dont have to put them into four different layers AND four different groups?

I haven’t really got the hang of what a group really does.

Each wall in its own group. Each group on its own layer.

Thank you guys! So friendly. Have a good night with regards from a wintery Stockholm.


The order is: first you would group them, layering is of later concern. I always like to think of this: if you have drawn something you could build, group it!

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