How to cut groups


please let me know how can i cut/slice or unstick such a unpredictible sticked number of surfaces ?
there must be some plugin for this kind of situations? i wish to have my fronts separated here

Maybe entering the overall group’s context (=its editing context) > select all the fronts > Cut (=to clipboard) > closing the overall group > Paste In Place will be enough.

Hello what do you mean by entering everall groups context? how to enter it? i can only select all the group and cant select what i want inside it…

Open the group for editing.

Share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve modeled and give you more direct guidance.

Your screen shots show that you know how to open a group for editing.

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Double click on the overall group. The group will be (should) open. Then select the fronts.

hello\ ithink this model is crashed. maybe you know how to restet it. the group can not be edited

Your model is kind of a mess. You have the cabinet doors and the cabinets as loose geometry along with a bunch of the wall geometry but not all of it. Many of the edges have been softened (showing as dashed lines here) which makes it difficult to select individual faces.

You also have the geometry buried three levels deep in groups.components.
Screenshot - 10_28_2021 , 9_50_34 AM

Unsoften the geometry and then do as @Wo3Dan suggested. Select a door face and make a group or component.

To be honest, if I was given this model to work on for a client, I would probably start over and model this all correctly with the walls being grouped separately and then the cabinet work as components on their own. I think modeling it correctly would be a better investment of my time than trying to fix all the problems.

I would also try to get the basics of the model more sound before adding entourage. You have several very heavy objects in the model that make it sluggish to work with. For example, the bottles on the island contribute 339,867 edges to the model, the stove hood and duct 259,036 edges, and the sink faucet 100,824. You could also benefit from using layers (renamed “tags” in the latest versions of SketchUp) to help control visibility of relevant vs irrelevant items in scenes.


ok many thanks i willtry :slight_smile: