Cut Hole in Grouped objects

I have a wall that I’ve made with just a bunch of 3D cedar planks. Each a grouped object. I’ve just put them on top of each other. I now have a cedar plank wall 8ft high, 16 ft long and 5/8 inch deep.

I’ve made a simple box group. Inserted it through the Wall.

How do I cut an opening (for a window or door). The [Solids] tab - [Intersect] don’t come up? Tried, grouping all the planks into one group. Still no solution. Tried making the wall an ‘Component’ still doesn’t work.

Yes I’ve checked up over YouTube land. Can’t find any answers to this.

Any guidance most appreciated.

It would be easier to give you exact instructions if you share the model file so we can see what you have set up.

Outer Shell is the only Solid tool available in SketchUp Make. The others are only in Pro.
I seem to remember that the BoolTools extension ($) works in Make. Not sure about Eneroth’s extension.

Boil Tools 2 works in Make. Eneroth Solid Tools is pro only.

You can in principle do it with Intersect Faces/With model which IS available in Make.

Create a box to cut the opening. Make it a component. Open it for editing, Select it all, then R-click, Intersect Faces/With model.

Then copy all the intersections to clipboard, open each board in turn, paste in place, and trim out the cutout. Repeat for all boards that intersect the cutout, and remove any remaining loose geometry.

But as Dave has already said, upload your model to get best advice.

Hello. Here is the bog standard file. A wall made of random length cedar planks. A box to cut a hole the the “wall”, so that I can insert a window. HOW? Hours of looking around, no solution.

SketchUp Pro 21.1.278 on a Mac
Thanks in advance Ron Obvious

Cut hole in Wall.skp (415.3 KB)

Since you are using SketchUp Pro, you could explode the top level groups of wall plans back to where you have the planks themselves as solid groups. Then use the Trim tool from the Solid Tools to trim the planks with the box.

Are you saying you are rejecting the method I showed?

Hello DaveR,
WOW, you answered so fast, I was just giving you context of what my big picture was. (I deleted my earlier response)

YES! Your solution TOTALLY works. Did not know to select the [Trim] button, BEFORE selecting the objects. To me there is no-where on the www, that explains this problem/solution. There are many people that have asked this question, with no definitive answer.

Thanks again. Have a creative weekend.

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Another option is Fredo’s Visuhole.

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