Cutting a hole in model with multiple objects

Ok I’m sorry to ask this because I see all the topics here that have the same subject but for the LIFE of me I cannot get this to work using any suggested methods. I don’t have pro so no solid tools.
I’m designing an aquarium stand and have created a bunch of pine boards similar to the tongue and groove I will be using, now I’m trying to cut holes for the doors but it won’t let me do it. I have tried intersecting faces, I have tried grouping and intersecting, I have tried grouping and push/pull to outside face. Nothing works.
Hoping I can upload the file and get some help! PLEASE!
180 Gal stand 2.skp (423.2 KB)

This has the dimension I need to cut out, the big white box sticking through the “boards” needs to be gone, but I can’t figure it out. 180 Gal stand 2 cutout problem.skp (449.6 KB)

You’ve go a lot of Groups within Groups. You need to sort them out so you only have them nested when you want to. The side is a real mix, groups within groups within a group with raw geometry around the corner. As you see in the gif I delete the raw front board.
Then I’ve use a few components to chop up, array and flip.
See if this makes sense.

Wow thank you, that was very helpful to see! I was using “create model” trying to tie my pieces together and I didn’t realize I needed to create components. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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