Problems making holes in a component, again

Hi! I’m still having trouble figuring out how to make holes in a combined components.
Image (Holder02 - Sketchup make 2017-Copy.png), I would like to have made the holes in position A and B so that they go all the way through.
But as you can see in the picture (Holder01 - sliced.png), the holes do not go completely through the bracket itself when the file is sliced in the program Cura.
How do I make the holes go all the way through?
Which function should I use?
I draw in Sketchup Make 2017.

Holder01 - sliced
Holder til ukrudtsbrænder 01-new.skp (1.3 MB)

Your model is a collection of six individual groups. Simply placing the hole group pieces through the bracket group pieces does not cause their geometry to merge or the holes to be cut through the brackets. In fact, having them separate groups prevents any interaction. The slicer is doing much the same thing as you would get in SketchUp if you select a bracket and its two hole pieces and right-click->outer shell. That action closes up the holes while creating the shell because the ends are coplanar with faces of the brackets.

Since you are using Make 2017, you don’t have solid tools available. You will have to use Intersect Faces With… to generate the edges where the holes cut the brackets and then erase the extra stuff. One way would be to use right-click Outer Shell to merge the bracket and hole groups into the two separate parts, then draw a cylinder the size of the hole but long enough to penetrate through. Do the intersection and then clean up the extra faces.

slbaumgartner. Thanks for your reply. I will try to do as you suggest, but I doubt my sketchup abilities are good enough. :slight_smile: