Why won't it cut holes?

I can’t figure this out…
Make a solid, push pull a hole, try to copy - and the hole won’t cut.
Make the hole into a component, check Cut Holes - and the hole won’t cut.
Turn on Color by Axes to make sure ok - and still the hole won’t cut.
What am I doing wrong?
BEAM.skp (246.3 KB)

You are conflating several things.
If you copy the hole to a new location and it doesn’t cut a hole select it and the rest of the beam’s geometry,
right-click > explode.
The hole should now at least ‘cut’ a face.
You can select the unwanted disk and delete it.
A component only cuts the face onto which it’s attached,
But the component’s Z-blue axis must be perpendicular to face it’s attached to.
But even if you do that, in your case it’s irrelevant because the instance’s ‘cut’ is only for display purposes and the associated face it’s on is NOT cut at all.
Sometimes slight non planarity can mean that geometry that merges as you copy causes things to not intersect as you hoped. [even if color by axis axis it’s OK it can be a tiny bit off]
In your case a simple intersect-with-context and deleting the unwanted part[s] will fix it…

I think you’re over complicating things. I’ve often been blamed of this same thing, even being called a problematising thinker by some one. When I draw just a circle on your beam, I am able to push a hole with it. It just works fine.

Edit: When you next glue that circle to the surface that at least saves you from removing half the surfaces.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

I-Beam with array of holes.skp (460.3 KB)

Ahh! The easy way!!

Probably you already found out.

In the component window there is the option to glue the component to a face, so it cuts holes, in case you hadn’t chosen this option when creating the component.

It only glues to one surface. Usefull though if you want to create multiple holes.

Hi Joel,

Attached is your file with the component adjusted. When moved and duplicated it will glue to the face of the beam.

I had a look at your profile, but can’t really judge your skill in Sketchup, although you’ve been using it a while. Love your animations. Please feel free and keep posting these questions.

BEAM(1).skp (269.6 KB)