How to insert screw holes in a component

How do I insert the screw hole into the component at the 6 markings, and remove the unnecessary geometry.

Presenning hulforstærker 05.skp (391.3 KB)
I am using Skechup Make 2017.

Like this.

Presenning hulforstærker 05 JWM (SU2017).skp (406.7 KB)

John, take a look at the bottom. It’s a mess of little frustums that the moved component doesn’t cut. A lot of cleanup remains!

I erased the top circles and edges, leaving only the guides.
Then I used Outer Shell to combine the small pyramids with the main model.
Then I split the hole component into a cylinder component and a “screw” component. Made both a bit longer than needed.
Added the cylinders in place, again, with Outer Shell
Substracted the “screws” to make the holes
Push-pulled the bottoms of the reinforced holes back to the bottom level of the model.
Presenning hulforstærker 06.skp (351.6 KB)

I didn’t even think to do that. Will have a look now out of curiosity.


Ansii seems to have the answer.

I followed him in using Outer Shell to unite the small pyramids with the plate.

I tried subtracting or trimming just one long cylinder using Eneroth Solid Tools, but it didn’t put cylindrical walls back in the base, and left a non-solid group.

Fiddled about a bit, but then gave up.

I watched this video on the SketchUp Essentials YouTube channel awhile back and wondered why I should struggle with manually creating geometry when these great extensions exist. And yes, I know the answer: using native tools make us better SU modelers. :grinning: However, when I look at this problem, I wonder what the result would have been.

Hi! I’m sorry to tell I can’t open the file in Sketchup Make 2017, which I am using.
My I ask you to save in a Make 2017 compatible file? Please.

Here in 2017 format.
Presenning hulforstærker 2017.skp (575.7 KB)

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It’s easyer for others to help you if you complete your profile with that information! Done. :slight_smile:

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I thank you many times for your fine work. The task was far more difficult than my Sketchup abilities allow. I’m really grateful for your help. :grinning: :+1:

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Done. :slight_smile: