How to cut a hole through two components?

I’m just getting started with using Sketchup Free (web) and trying to design a drawer pull. I’m trying to cut a screw hole through the (solid) drawer pull and failing - when I use push-pull it just creates a cylinder. Please help.

SKP file from Sketchup Free attached.


450mm pull v2.skp (287.0 KB)

It’s all about context. You need to be drawing the circle for your hole on the raw geometry within the component, not outside the component.
Notice the blue bounding boxes as I double click my way into your nest of components, then the face itself highlights when I get to the raw geometry.
Also, You have wrapped the thin component twice, making it a nested component within a nested component.

I see it now. Thank you, that is very helpful and was not at all obvious to me from the various tutorial videos I saw.
So, in order to punch a hole through both pieces of geometry, I do them separately?

It may be worth your while to invest some time studying these SKETCHUP FUNDAMENTALS. There is lots of good info here.