Help cutting a hole


I have drawn a rectangle, then used the push/pull tool to make it into a panel .375" thick. I have also used the protractor tool to bevel an edge, then rotated the piece to the appropriate angle for my project. Now I want to cut a hole in the middle of the panel.

On other parts, I have used the tape measure tool to establish the center of the circle, drawn the circle, then used the push/pull tool at the same depth as the piece to cut a hole.

This time around, the push/pull tool isn’t doing it for me. It will create a circle of the same size on the opposite face, but will not cut a hole. I have seen the intersect tool suggested as a solution to this problem elsewhere, but the tool tells me the circle (and the area is contains) is not a solid. I also read elsewhere that softening edges can alleviate the issue of something not being defined as a solid, but this does not appear to have solved my problem.


If you were to post a simple SKP showing your issue, then I’m sure someone can help…

If you do the steps again, but BEFORE any beveling of any edges - then can you punch a circular-hole through this thin-slab using PushPull ?


Hi Josh,

Despite you admirable efforts to describe what you do, what you expect and what happens; it’s always a great help to us when your description is accompanied by a model file illustrating the problem.


Thank you for the responses. I have attached a file of the model.

I will try cutting the hole before beveling the edge, but for future use I would like to figure out what is preventing me from doing so in this instance.

Thanks!Fume Hood 2.skp (1.1 MB)


Your hole cutting geometry needs to be in the same context as the panel you want to cut. Select those circular bits, edit>cut. Double click the panel for editing and edit>paste in place. Then with all selected in that component intersect faces with selected. Delete the unwanted.


Here’s the process with shortcuts. Sorry the intersect with selected is not in the gif’s view.


Thanks Shep! That is very helpful.