Erasing part of group with intersect faces

Intersect faces w model… is the bane of my existence. With help from the forums I’ve been able to do it before but never quite understood how it worked. Now I have a group of components (basically a bunch of 2x4 studs glued together) that I want to “drill” holes through. I selected the group, created a cylinder, did the intersect w model, then tried to erase the cylinder. Its making me crazy. Someone please help me keep my head from exploding! See attached…

simple workbench 2.skp (673.3 KB)

Boolean funtions, only available in Pro version or as a paid extension (which probably is coded to run only in the Pro version).

Apart from that, you’ll need to do it the manual way.

You can use ‘Intersect with Model’, and you will have to do this operation twice, for each component separately.

Because they are components, if you want the gaps to appear only on one side, you will first have to make them unique, otherwise it appears like this