Won't let me export model as a 3d file

I have paid for the online version…when i come to export the model as a 3d file it just tells me to upgrade. Infuriating…have i wasted my money??

Most likely you aren’t working in SketchUp Shop. Sign out and then sign back in with the e-mail address and password you used when you purchased the subscription.

@colin might be able to look up and make sure you use the right e-mail address.

I’ve done that…signed back in. It says sketchup shop plan is active. It’s still not letting me do it…prompts me to upgrade still???

Shop isn’t assigned to the email you use in the forum. It’s assigned to a googlemail address of yours. It would be very easy to accidentally be signed in with one address while checking your account, and the other address when using the web application.

If the SketchUp logo is visible in the modeling window, and it has an upgrade option, those would help prove you’re not using Shop. If they are showing, sign out, and make sure to sign in with your googlemail address.

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