Wired move behaviour (based on hidden geometry) i guess HELP

trying to create a cone…
look what happens???!??

What method are you using to create the cone? Looks like you need a different method.

If you’re using the Move tool, you need to invoke Auto-Fold. Hold Command on the Mac or Alt on the PC while moving the central circle up.

Or you could use Follow Me.

Or you could use Move on a cardinal point on the edge of a cylinder.

Or you could start with a cylinder and edit the radius of the top circle.

can you see my video…? your first method doesnt work
i need it as a surface …(hollow) thats why i need the first method

Yes it does. You can see that it does in my GIF. Apparently you are not activating Auto-Fold as I told you. Watch the message at the bottom of the screen. It’ll show you the modifier for Auto Fold. As I wrote before, it’s Alt on the PC.

In all those cases the result is hollow. In the third and fourth methods you would need to delete the bottom face.

And if you leave the face on the circle for Follow Me it will be removed when Follow Me runs.

i really need to do it this way because of additional constrains, anyways i tried with CMD and also by hitting the up arrow to lock the blue axis…

No you’ve changed the brief. This latest thing is not a cone. In the free version place the circle above the square and stitch them together with the Line tool. You can soften the edges when you’ve finished.

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