How to draw a 3D cone?

I am new to SketchUp.
I draw a circle. But when I try to drag the center up with the Move or Push/Pull command it just draws a cylinder. Even when I use the Alt key as well.
Does anybody know?

If I’m understanding your question “follow me” tool will get you there.

follow me cone

You can’t drag the center of a circle up using move because there is no geometry there for move to act on, just the circle’s face. And you evidently don’t understand how push-pull works, because it extrudes a face along its normal direction, which in your case will produce a cylinder.

What @tuna1957 showed is probably the easiest way to create a cone, though as usual in SketchUp there are no doubt other ways.


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Just draw 2 lines through the center of the circle (like diameter)

Draw a circle, push pull up to desired height, scale the top face around center to zero?

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Invalid scale!
(BTW. The Vertex Tool by ThomThom “knows” similar feature :wink: )

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after " just" : You need to use the Move tool on circle center (endpoint of crossings) and press Alt key to autofold, then, recommended to soften the edges (Eraser tool + Ctrl key) … see my animation just before your post.

Sorry, but I know how to do this. I wrote that you do not need to draw two lines crosswise, but two lines through the center are enough.

Oh, so so sorry, I forgot that I have a “technical dilettance”, therefore I’m drawing longer lines… :blush:


Another simple option for a cone, albiet actually a tapered cylinder, is the move tool with a cardinal point.
There can be benefits to this shape rather than a true cone.

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And, of course, these is another way using the Follow Me Tool. See this SU file.

Cone with Follow Me tool.skp (41.6 KB)

Fantastic response. Thanks very much everybody!