Can I use follow me tool in this situation?

Hi everybody.

Does anyone know how should I do this?

I’m trying to use the follow me tool with no success and I’m not sure if I should approach this situation with another method.


I thought about the possibility to make another shape to intersect with.
But it takes a little effort and I don’t know any easy way to find the center for a component like that to move it from one center to the another one.


If it were necessary this is my .skp try.skp (57.1 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Follow Me to create a cone. Intersect it with the head. Erase what isn’t needed.

cool, thank you so much. it’s clear the steps but how do I know how much I have to move it Down? it has to be 30 degress from the horizontal plane, I guess I can use guidelines.

Draw a triangle with the hypotenuse at 30 degrees. Use that with a circle to create the cone. It ain’t rocket surgery.


I like the brain science behind that :slight_smile:

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Even if I draw a cone with hypotenuse at 30 degree I still don’t know how much deep place it.


Place a vertical guideline that pass through the edge of the circle on top of the bolt head. Then grab the cone at the point where the guideline passes through the cone. Move the cone down until the cursor snaps to the circle.

Either intersect at arbitrary height, then delete unwanted geomtry as nd finally adjust the height of the bold head again.
Or turn on ‘Hidden Geometry’ to see which cone edge should be used to lower its group to match/meet the top of the bold perimeter. Draw a vertical guide on the bold surface at the approproate location to get the wanted intersection with the cone as a reference point to snap to the lower midpoint of the bold segment.

I think somehow @DaveR and I must be thinking of the same solution. But he types much faster than I do.

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I got the result I was wanted, but it has been very frustrating not to get it with your explanations, I was about to post “I quit this program”.

After several tries I recorded a video with the steps (using control + y) I bet there is no longer path than the ones I followed :frowning:
I even got some gaps that I had to fix it one by one.

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