Cone Conundrum. SOLVED

Two identical cones, created using different methods.

Blue cone is stitched together with raw edges and copy rotate.
Red cone is Follow Me tool.

Blue cone allows the bottom face to be independently scaled
Red cone goes haywire with same operation.

Cone Conundrum.skp (52.3 KB)


So after noticing this did not occur in SketchUp Web, I revisited the situation and of course had forgotten I am running Eneroth Auto Weld extension which invisibly welds Follow Me operations. It’s generally such a good extension that I forget it’s running in the background. This odd cone behavior appears to be a result of that extensions welding process, not quite sure how. With the extension disabled and native Follow Me this does not occur. Embarrassing, but I’ll leave the post up for any others that might encounter similar behavior.


Found this interesting in a strange way. Did my own test. Made a cone with follow me tool and made a copy. Used Tig’s weld on the copy. Like your example scaling the bottom works fine on “un-welded ” cone. The “tig welded” cone scales all dimensions even though only the bottom is selected. Hmmm….

Yeah, I could not recreate the exact behavior with any combination of welding after creation either. The scale behavior on the red “Eneroth” welded cone is very bizarre, it seams to scale all over the place at odd angles and sometimes shoots out to a very great distance. Maybe @eneroth3 will sort out what is happening there with the red cone.

I like Fredo’s Curvizard because of this sort of thing. A quick tap of my shortcut and the cardinals are back.

Manly commenting as I don’t use Auto weld and am curious if the issue you are getting is because it welds it into a Curve rather than restores it to Circle.