Follow me is driving me CRAZY

I have followed all the examples - but obviously I am missing something - SK2016 Make.

rarely it works and 98% of the time it does not and I can’t figure out what the diff is.
I can create a cone every time though as you can see there is something wrong with it.

It does not matter whether the lines of the cone are touching the path or not, it will still create a cone with the same artifacts.
But when I try to create a dome, I draw the path circle. I then draw a perpendicular circle of the same diameter and cut it into a 1/4 with 2 lines to the center. The extrusion is not toughing the path.The only diff from the cone is the top is curved not straight. I select the path circle, click follow me. I click the 1/4 circle and get this message:
The path that you have chosen does not begin or end on the extrusion.
If I make the extrusion on the path circle i get this:

Randomly, creating a dome does work but I have no clue why and can’t repeat it. I have tried an offset extrusion and that also worked once, but I can’t do it again.

it also crashes a lot - last crash was when I tried to create view DOME1b in a new file.
Here are the views with it attached to the path

I tried it with it unattached and it crashed while trying to create the dome.
retry and this is what I got

The path circle is partially seen on the bottom
a closer view of the center

I have been successful in creating many things I did not want, so the function is working, but apparently I am not. - also why is it crashing???
It is not regular but it happens with other drawings - It was associated with autosave and a plugin last year, which was fixed by the plugin creator. I guess I need to turn off autosave and see if that is triggering it again.

I do not have any more hair to pull out so please find me an answer!!!

Thank you

How large are these things you are trying to create? If they are very small or contain very short edges, it is possible you are crashing into SketchUp’s issues when creating small geometry.

Also, I got lost in your post. What was it you wanted to achieve? Creating a cone?

Most of your screen shots make it look like you aren’t setting things up correctly. It would appear that the profile isn’t centered on the center of the path you are using. That would create what you see in the first image.

i just edited my post - the pics were out of place.
This is one time that something worked,

I needed to modify it so I started over.
The path circle is 23mm.

as far as I can tell everything is lined up.
I created a few neat donuts when things were offset

Less than 1 inch.

How many segments are you using in the circles ?

@bill_ruggirello could you post an image (or model) of how you have the geometry set up just before you invoke follow-me for the cone? From your images I can’t tell what you attempted to use as the profile or how it was placed with respect to the path.


I just tried @ x10 and it worked fine - that may also be the cause of the crashes.

You think I would have learned by now, but I didn’t think 23mm was too small for SU

23 mm isn’t, but the edges created during follow me of a profile that small are likely to be!

OK, I just need to do everything x10.

this is at 230mm with 120 for the circles

the reason it worked for the cone is there r no segments in a straight line.

But what is causing those artifacts on the cone. I guess I need to try that at x10 also.

yep, at x10 the cone is perfect.

my scalp thanks you

I explained what it appears is the reason for the artifacts on the cone.

Try working centered on the origin. Drag out a circle on the groundplane. Then draw a triangle with its right angle at the origin. Select the circle’s edge, get Follow Me and click on the triangle. Do you get the artifact?

yes that is how I have been doing it but the artifacts appear at model size. So I just need to work at x10 all the time. It should be easier anyway since i won’t have to think about decimals.

Hmmmm…I just made a cone with a 23mm base radius and I didn’t get the artifact.
Cone.skp (36.1 KB)

As long as you’ve got something that works figured out, though.

But then you didn’t use a 120 segment circle either ?

No. I didn’t in that example. But I did in this one and it worked correctly, too. :wink:
Cone.skp (44.8 KB)

Hi Bill,

I do this from time to time when I am dealing with small dimensions and the follow me tool, then I just scale it down. Alternatively I work to scale and then when I am ready to use the follow me tool I will scale that component up by 10 or 100 and then scale it back down .1 or .01 after I am done.

The Extension Profile Builder 2 has a revolve tool for this sort of modelling. Way easier and quicker than using follow-me. And with more consistent results.