[WIP] Lionel J-38


A few parts left to model and some details to add such as screw threads on the lateral adjusters.

WWII vintage code key.

Looking for a good image of the Lionel L logo from the period.


.-… — — -.-. … -. --. --. — — -…

-. — .-- .-. . -. -… . .-. … -


Your code didn’t code correctly. :wink:


looking good
now render it


Thanks. I’ll probably render it after I have the rest of it drawn.


All of the parts modeled. Need to add screw threads, labels, and the manufacturer’s logo. Haven’t found the right font for the labels, yet nor a suitable image of the logo to trace.



Very good, Ian. :smiley:
I’ll make an exploded view after I have the little niggling details done.


I used this translator to make the code audio. I quickly realised you can’t upload audio to the forum so had to chuck a video together. Bit of a pain, bit of fun too.

Did you make the model just by eyeballing an image, or did you have some accurate measurements to work to?


In this case I have a key, actually two keys of the same type. Both Lionel but the rarer version has the Lionel L molded into the bottom of the base plate and came with its U. S. Army Signal Corps box from 1943.


You might have a few collectors hunting you if they find out. :wink:

The reason I asked were that it looks like quite a complex assembly to just eyeball. I bet it’s been interesting piecing it together in SketchUp.


I wouldn’t mind the collectors hunting me. :slight_smile:

As is is usual, I draw most of the components in place (unless they are copied to other parts of the model. And I used the “Dave Method” a lot.

I never had a head for learning Morse code before but I might build a tone generator and try again with these keys.


bugger… I thought it was a model steam engine :frowning:


That’s what I thought at first.


Sorry. Lionel was into more than model trains.


Was it actually the same company?


Yes. Same company


Baby steps. Found a suitable font for the labels. Had to modify the E and 3 but otherwise pretty close.


That font looks very close compared to the ones I were looking at online last week. I like the fact you’re sticking to your guns on the accuracy.


Thanks Ian.

Next step is to figure out the thread size and pitch on the various screws. How’s that for AR? :smiley: