[WIP] Lionel J-38


Go for it, you’ve come this far :smiley:

I see what you mean about the l underside logo to trace too, the ones I saw were either very blurred or the photo orientation were just wrong to trace as accurately as you seem to be wanting. I’m sure you’ll overcome it though.


the gauge should be based on wire size in increments of .013 inch…

it was common practice to have ‘in-house’ pitches when companies made their own…



Continuing the AR theme, :smiley: , the oval base was die cast. It’ll be east enough to add the ejector pin marks on the underside but I wonder how best to add the part line that goes across the casting just forward of the binding posts.Just kidding. I don’t think I’ll bother.


All that’s left are the screw threads.

Lionel Corporation had different dies for the Bakelite base plates. One version is extremely rare and has the L engraved into one of the ejector pins so it shows as below.

All of them have the Lionel logo and name on the cast metal oval.