WinXP running in Virtualbox needs OpenGL

I’ve run ver 7.1 in WinXP for a long time with no problem. I am now running XP as a guest in Virtualbox. I re-installed ver 7…1 and when I ran it for the first time it gave me an error message stating that it could not find OpenGL I’ve found an OpenGL driver on line. Do I just download and install it? Or, is something else required as well?

Virtualized Environments are not officially supported:

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OK. Understood. How about some unofficial advice?

Most likely if one cuts the Official name off of the SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements; the contents of the document will still read the same.

Have you asked the folks over at VirtualBox if there’s a solution to the problem?

It would really make sense to exhibit the kind of friendliness that SketchUp / its community elsewhere pride themselves.
Not officially supported = you can neither phone Boulder nor can a solution be guaranteed, but that doesn’t prevent you from using SketchUp that way on your own risk.

Usually when SketchUp does not find graphics hardware, it runs with software rendering, which should work in VirtualBox. In VirtualBox you have the option to use 3d acceleration (redirect the guest’s OpenGL request to your real hardware) or let it use software rendering. Are you sure you didn’t unintentionally toggle “Display → activate 3D acceleration”?
Are you sure the VirtualBox guest additions are installed, and the 3d acceleration was installed with them in the guest as well?

Otherwise you could reset the virtual machine to the last “clean” state that was working properly (that’s the idea of virtual machines).