Sketchup in Windows 10 VirtualBox Guest

Sketchup Version:2019 Pro
VirtualBox Version:6.0.4 r128413(Qt 5.7.1)
I am running Linux on my home computers for security purposes.Sketchup will only run on Windows. I set up a Virtual Box to run a Windows 10 guest OS and have running Sketchup 2019 pro,However, I get this error:“The following errors were found when launching SketchUp: - Hardware acceleration is unsupported or has been disabled on your graphics card. SketchUp requires that you use a hardware accelerated graphics card. Unfortunately, these errors will prevent SketchUp from running. Updating your graphics card drivers might fix the problem. See this Help Center article for more information.”
I have both 2D and 3D acceleration enabled,But still did not solve this error, how can I solve it?

You are aware that VirtualBox has had unchanged support for hardware acceleration pass-through for only OpenGL 2.1 since 2009, but SketchUp 2017+ requires OpenGL 3. It is of little help that Linux supports OpenGL 4.6 if it is not passed through and available to guests in the virtual machine.

I have read (but not tested) that one of the latest versions of VirtualBox is supposed to finally have progressed its support for newer OpenGL versions, but if you are not seeing it in 6.0.4, then it is either not correctly working or I misread something.

What you can try:

  • Use VMWare, they have a version Workstation Player that is equally free to use for educational and personal (non-commercial) use. The setup is easier and more automated, but it does not always flawlessly integrate its Kernel modules for network etc.
  • Use Wine, which has no virtualization layer and overhead and can directly access hardware acceleration (I am using it with SketchUp 2018, 2019 still crashes when dialing home).