Windows 8.1 Sketchup Pro splat-less crash

Hi there,

I am a teacher on google Sketchup. This time I have 3 students facing problems with Sketchup. The program stops without any warnings. It just quits. No bugsplat, nothing.

They all run the latest trial of Sketchup Pro 2015, and they run Windows 8.1. 64 bitts
I checked the virus scan definitions, I checked the 'use as administrator option. What else can it be?
Since there is no bugsplat avalible, I cant sent an error report.

Do you might know any solution?

Best regards from the tiny country under sea-level, the Neterlands,

Maarten P.

Hi, I think theres a problem with windows, I’ll checked and let you know, I’m using Mac OS X and got no problem it all.

Ah, the motherland… try to notice is it after a certain amount of time (change autosave time)?
Is it a particular action?

On Mac, I can force a spindump when it hangs. I’m not finding anything like it - some Windows folks pipe up.

Just a guess, but the symptoms described sound very similar to a problem I experienced earlier this spring. The issue was related to the graphics adapter that was being used, an Intel HD 5500 in this case. It was an integrated driver used together with an nVidia graphics adapter. My OS was also Windows 8.1.

I ultimately resolved the problem by removing the 64-bit version of SketchUp 2015 Pro and reinstalling the 32-bit version. Everything worked perfectly after that and I noticed no difference in performance between the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Let us know if this fixes your problem or not.

Well I’d use:
Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer

In the left tree pane I’d expand “Windows Logs
and select “Application

Once the Application log opens, I’d start a search via:
Action > Find…
and type “SketchUp.exe” (no quotes) into the Find box.

Then click the “Find Next” button.

If it finds an entry that looks like the date is right around the crash… I would “Cancel” the find box, and then export the selected event to an evtx log file, via:
Action > Save Selected Events…

For example, here is an error from last month.

Fault bucket 188765134, type 22 Event Name: RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64

You can read it on MS Windows with the Event Viewer. (3.4 KB)

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Another perhaps simpler way for a non-IT-geek user to know whether they have Windows Error Reporting archives for a SketchUp.exe error, is to just browse to the WER archive folder and look at the folder names.
The path is:

The archive foldernames will begin with type strings:
AppHang_”, “AppCrash_”, “NonCritical_” etc.

In my folder:

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I made a account on the forums here just to ask about this very issue. I’m also running the 64bit version on Windows 8.1. I notice it crashes suddenly mostly when I open the 3D Model Warehouse and begin browsing through that.

I’ll have to give this a try.

Also, are there any plugins installed?