Bug Splat on launch of SketchUP 16

I have an intel machine windows 8.1. startup and bug splat…no reason

I highly doubt that…
is your Windows 8.1 64bit?


Your SketchUp would be the first one with a crash without a reason. If you post your splat details, someone from the SkethUp team can search for the specific reason…

Virtually all reported crash-on-launch bugsplats have been traced to one of these causes:

  • Inadequate or malfunctioning OpenGL support in the graphics adapter
  • Misbehaving extensions or plugins
  • SketchUp trying to reload a defective file that was in progress during a previous crash
  • Defective installation of SketchUp (sometimes because not installed as administrator)

The Trimble team can diagnose the specific kind of issue you are having if you submit the BugSplat reports to them.