Bug Splat When Opening files

I transferred my Sketchup Pro to my new laptop and now every time I open it the home screen opens but when i go to open a file the bug splat screen pops up and the program crashes. Any ideas?

Some standard questions:

Does it happen to all files or just some specific ones?
Can you start up SketchUp at all, e.g. by starting a new file from a template?
What extensions are installed?
When exactly does the crash occur; do you get to see some part of the model before?
What SketchUp version?
What OS?

What Graphic Card?

Happens to all files. I haven’t been able to open anything since I transferred to the new computer.
I’ve tried opening from different files and get the same action every time.
I have no extensions installed
The welcome to sketchup window opens, the one that gives the different options, simple, architectural,etc. As soon as I click on one of those I get the bug splat.
SkethUp Pro 2019
Windows 10

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Never seen this one before. I think the best thing you can do is to send in the error reports. Sometimes SketchUp staff even respond here in the forum about the reports. You could supply the link to this thread in the report.

Intel Core i7 8th gen

Usually it is a graphic card issue, so if it is an integrated card it may not be handling opengl properly.
You can try updating the Graphic Card driver.

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As @Box observed, the majority of crash-on-open cases are due to graphics issues, particularly if no extensions are installed. Does your computer have a separate graphics card, or just integrated graphics? If there is a separate graphics card, have you checked its configuration to make sure it is set so that SketchUp will use it?

The second most common problem is incorrect installation of SketchUp. Did you right-click the installer and select “Run as Administrator”? If not, try that now and choose “repair” when presented with choices. All sorts of bizarre errors can result if SketchUp is not installed correctly. This action is not the same as installing from an admin account nor as launching SketchUp itself via “Run as Administrator”.

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