SU Pro 2021 Bug Splat Crash Windows 10

I have an issue with bug splat crashes every time I go to open a file. I am currently using the free trial version, but will most likely purchase the subscription if this issue can be resolved. I have already uninstalled it and re-installed it and I still have the same issue.

When you installed and reinstalled did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator?

Is it splatting on start up? Go to the GPU manufacturer’s site, get, and install their latest graphics drivers for your graphics card.

As Dave is suggesting, I looked at your bugsplats and they do look like a graphics card issue. Can you get to the welcome screen ok, and if so, do you see a crash when both starting a new document and opening an existing one? What is your monitor arrangement?

It crashes on both opening a file or creating a new one. I have (3) monitors, 2 are plugged into the AMD graphics card the other is the general PC graphics card.

Unplug the monitor from the on-board graphics and just run the 2 from the AMD card and see what happens.

So this actually worked, I unplugged the on-board monitor and SU opened right up…so strange

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I’ve seen this before so I thought you might want to try it. Not sure why running the onboard video and a card at the same time doesn’t always work but it’s a easy one to check. Glad you got it going.

I’m come across a number of users with this issue over the last few weeks : Displaylink USB adapters that don’t support OpenGL. There must be some kind of behaviour change in Windows or with the NVidia drivers I’m seeing paired up with them that is upsetting SketchUp and causes the crash.