HELP ASAP PLEASE! Bug splat when opening sketchup

please help Crash #773659
suddenly my sketchup coudnt open any files due to bug splat, also there are many crashes when i close main page of the app.

i tried to update drivers and change setting with nvidia / geforce but nothing works… i also tried to install sketchup again…please help asap!!!

Pinging @colin. He can look up the BugSplat and maybe tell you what is wrong.

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Looking at the crash log it may be that one of the recovered files is causing problems.

In File Explorer, paste in this path:

%LocalAppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp\working\SKETCHUP\RecoveredFiles\

That’s the folder where auto save files are stored. You could move the files from there, into another folder, in case you need any of the files. Once you are sure that you don’t need those files you can delete them.

After that folder is empty, try opening SketchUp again, and see if the crash goes away.

Hi! I deleted these files but still sketchup crashes Crash #773741

Your PC is unusual, in that it has an Nvidia and an AMD GPU. The crash is looking like it’s related to graphics drivers. Can you try unplugging the external monitor, and see if the crash still happens when only using the laptop’s screen?

i use only my laptops monitor

sorry, but im not that familiar with drivers and etc. how can i choose one option for graphics?

this problem started suddenly today while i was trying to open skp file (i literally changed nothing with my settings) but then it started to crash

Are you able to open SketchUp and start a new document? Does the crashing only happen when opening a particular file?

no, it also crashes when im making a new file

also sketchup crashes when i run it as administrator (while making new file)

Next thing to try is to go into this folder:

%LocalAppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp\

and rename the file PrivatePreferences.json, to any other name (Oldie PrivatePreferences.json perhaps). Open SketchUp and see if the crashing is still happening. When you do open SketchUp you will see the terms and conditions text, and will have to click the agree box.

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sadly, it didnt work
Crash #773791

so, the problem is connected to drivers, right?

I am having the exact same problem right now. Never before…

Yeah, that’s very bizarre because nothing really helps. At least I’m not alone with that problem. Have you tried any methods to fix that?

Have you had any Windows updates in the last few days?

i dont know for sure if my laptop updated silently without notice ( because that happens), but when problems started to show up with sketch up i updated the last version of windows - but still nothing works

Crash #774276

maybe something changed in the log? i need sketchup very bad

HI! Something changed in the log? i sent some crashes again

it’s 2 AM at Sketchup’s HQ. midnight in your previous message.

you’ll have to wait for a few hours so that people are awake for an answer…

All of your reports look the same. I am able to check how many of that kind of crash is being reported, and it’s a low number. Most of the reports are the ones that you sent in.