Windows 10 build 1909

I have a report from someone who had license difficulties with SketchUp. They report that with Window 10 build 1909 the problem was solved.

I have other cases involving docking stations, where SketchUp crashes after choosing a template. That too could have also been fixed.

Please let me know if 1909 is better than 1903 for you.

Well I am not holding my breath for any W10 update… I have clean reinstalled W10 1903 twice over the last 2 weeks suffering hourly BSODs, spent days on forums searching hundreds of informal solutions from MSs proxy support army… renistalled drivers, reset memory, repasted CPU/ GPUs , run hardware diagnostics, installed old drivers, new drivers, certified drivers, struggled with numerous ancillary bugs of doing a MS clean install ( keyboard keys randomly scrambled during install sequence so I had to become a cipher expert) , MS sneakily creating an MS user account, changing my password, suggesting a PIN code without warning you couldn’t use it to log in Safe mode… on and on and on!

No way to roll back to what was stable W10 1809 version, even if I did W10 would overwrite it

and that before I reinstall all my production software + customisations for SU, Extensions, CorelDraw, Affinity, MS Office, Draftsight, Twinmotion, Browers etc, etc etc

and you want me to debug W10 1909?

Seriously, give me a LINUX SU, I have had enough of W10!

Was this the ‘SketchUp cannot start due to license issue’ ?

If you had an image of your drive… seriously, have you considered the fact that hardware may be the root of the bad installs?

I was more looking for people who have updated, and not so much for volunteers to give it a try. We haven’t been able to reproduce either of the major issues in house, though I did get one laptop to have similar symptoms. I will try 1909 on that one to see if the symptoms go away.

RLGL…Well its a relatively new high end notebook, have integrity checked the mem, ssd, not sure how I could check the CPU, GPU but tney are not running hot… no support for this brand in vietnam so requires a trip to Taiwan to return to the manufacturer… thats a last resort…Was running fine until 1903…

PS, my understanding is even if I rolled back W10 would only give me 35 day grace before it reinstalled the newer version again.

Colin, sorry if I sounded a bit testy… and really only expressing a word of caution in MS upgrades… dont rush into them and have a prepared fallback …and finally we need an OS alternative to Windows OS.

I did find out that the person reporting the fix does get Insider builds, which means 1909 isn’t around for the rest of us yet. I will try it as soon as I can.

Ahhh, that changes things. Also It is my understanding that foreign language versions have different issues than the US versions.

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